hazardous locations  (HAZLO)

Increased Safety (Ex e) Enclosures

Adalet offers a variety of increased safety (Exe) rated enclosures that are designed to prevent the possibility of excessive heat, the ingress of water or dust, and the resistance to impact, thus preventing any explosions from occurring. These enclosures are intended to house electrical equipment which will not generate an arc or spark during normal operation and are suitable for use in Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous locations.

Zone 1: Ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses or vapors are likely to exist under normal operating conditions, or may exist frequently because of repair, maintenance or leakage.

Zone 2: Ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses or vapors are not likely to occur in normal operation, or may occur only for a short period of time during an accident or unusual operating condition.

From simple terminal enclosures to high voltage and control enclosures, Adalet’s line of increased safety enclosures offers the flexibility to meet your custom requirements.
Quarter Turn Latch
Terminal Enclosures

VH4X / VC4X Series
Screw Cover Terminal Enclosure

TSC Series
Pushbutton Station Enclosures

CSC Series
Clamped Door Terminal Enclosures

TN Series
Control Enclosures

CN Series
High Voltage
Junction Boxes

HV Series, Clamped Cover
Selector Switches, Pilot Lights,
Push Buttons

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