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Cable Fittings

Fitting for Interlocked Armored Cable (JAG)

A Complete Solution - Everything you need including lock-nuts, bushings, and flange gaskets, eliminating the need to purchase additional components. Available in the industry’s broadest range of sizes to fit cable diameters from .450 to 4.12 ensuring precise fit and seal.

Hassle-Free Installation - A single unit connector allows for easy, slip-on installation.  

Corrosion-Proof - Made with copper-free aluminum alloys, “JAG” connectors provide strong and durable corrosion resistance in the harshest environments.
Bottom Conduit Ventilator

Data Sheet
Standard Features
  • Used in conduit system to allow air to enter conduit riser
  • Castings are aluminum, anodized and Teflon sealed for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Helps to reduce temperature in conduit riser, improving service life and load carrying capacity of the cable
Split Conduit Ventilating Cable Support

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Standard Features
  • Used where existing XLP or EPR cables are installed in conduit
  • Split to permit installation after cable has been pulled or where cable extends some distance from ventilator mounting
  • Neoprene gasket provides a water-tight seal. The gasket is slit to allow installation.
Conduit Ventilating Cable Support

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Standard Features
  • Helps to reduce temperatures in conduit, improving service life and load carrying capacity of the cable
  • Neoprene gasket provides watertight seal and cable support
  • Set screws secure the ventilator to conduit
  • For supporting and sealing cable risers and allowing escape of heated air from conduit
  • Type CV Supports are designed for use at top of conduit where cable extends into air
Bus Drop Cable Clamp

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Standard Features:
  • Supports cable up to 1-1/8" diameter. Uniform “lap” design of each clamp-half results in support along the entire quarter bend.
  • Anchors cable for 90° angle transitions using a simple, two-piece construction of interchangeable clamp-halves.
  • Loops excess cable for convenient handling and out-of-the-way storage, via the Sky-Tie™ SHD Duplex Converter. The SHD reduces the need to cut cable when machines are moved to new locations. The SHD converter simply fits between the two halves of the Sky-Tie™ SH cable clamps.
  • Perfect For: Machine Tools, Portable Tools, Air Lines, Other heavy-cable support applications.
  • Sky-Tie™ Springs Heavy-duty Sky-Tie™ Springs ensure tautness of the cable while absorbing vibrations and shocks. Each spring slips into the Sky-Tie™ clamp at its outside bend (or, if using the SHD Duplex, the converter’s outside bend), and ties back to a structural member. Three spring models with maximum load capacities of 60, 70 and 160 pounds.